Apologetics mini-niblet #1

I want to hand out little tidbits of apologetics knowledge to give everyone out there a little morsel to defend the faith with, or for those who don’t believe, a little food for thought.

If Darwin and the evolutionists were right, then the fossil record for the species of the earth would bear out in a tree, with a big trunk way back in time symbolizing our single-cell ancestor, and then tree branches giving way to each of the major phyla of animals.  Unfortunately for Richard Dawkins and the Atheism Crew, the fossil record looks like a bar code:  every major animal phyla appeared almost instantaneously in the Cambrian period of earth’s history.  If you want to know more, check out the Cambrian Explosion for more information.


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  1. Actually, no. Lots of animal varieties/species/kinds/types appeared both before and after the Cambrian Explosion (which can only be considered explosive when compared to geological timescales – having lasted approximately 10 million years or so). Six whole different animal phyla at least certainly started before the CE (Wang, 1999).

    Complex life certainly started before the Cambrian Explosion, and I find it odd that this argument is still being used despite all the research done which refutes it. Examples of complex life have been found, just as one example, dated well before the CE in China (Chen, 2000, 2004). Even earlier complex life from even earlier (Porter & Knoll, 2000) as another.
    There are quite a lot of such research findings.

    Adding to this, examples of transitional fossils have also been found from the CE such as lobopods (Morris, 1998).

    I think you may need to update your research.

    1. Well, let’s also be entirely clear about the data you are using, as well. First, Wang posits that arthropods descended from Chordates, which is odd, considering that chordates are by comparison more advanced as a phylum. And as for Chen, there is no proof that the fossils found in Doushantuo Formation were larval animals or what, since they were all microscopic. I would get into all of this, but this website will give better info than I can: Click Here. And as for lobopods, if they were such a great example of a transitional fossil, every resource you find would not say something along the lines of “we don’t know much about lobopods.” I guess, again, neither side has definitive proof, so they are both left with what they believe.

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