Apologetics Tidbit #2

Okay, this time I am not delving so much into science.  Instead, lets look at history and mythology.  Why?  Well, first of all, nearly every culture on earth has a flood myth, which lends credence to the idea that there was a cataclysmic flood.  Otherwise, there would be no reason to believe that only Moses knew about it.  The fact that every culture has a flood story means that it is in the collective consciousness of nearly every culture, which means that it probably happened.  Now, to differentiate between some of them, the Hebrew version is the only one that seems plausible.  The most common example to refute the Bible is the Gilgamesh epic.  A couple problems, though.  First, Gilgamesh was told to build a boat that would dwarf the ark in only seven days.  Also, it took only seven days to flood the earth, and another seven to dry.  Another problem is that the boat shape of Gilgamesh’s ark was a giant box.  It wouldn’t last long in a real flood, as there would be no steering and it would not glide in the water.  It would have been capsized at some point.  Noah’s ark was a far superior design, and the time period was long enough that a horrible cataclysmic flood would not be impossible under that time frame.


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