Apologetics Tidbit #3

Okay, there’s exactly three ways that people have agreed the earth could have come about.  One is that the universe is all an illusion.  Notice that no one who ever ascribes to this view ever walks into the street without looking.  Sounds great in some ashram somewhere, or if you are doing LSD, but not too applicable in the real world.  Another is that the universe is eternal.  Sounds good, but…

If that were the case, due to the laws of thermodynamics and the law of entropy, the universe would be barren due to heat loss an eternity ago.  Basically , that leaves only one other solution, and it is that the universe had a finite beginning.  If it did, it had to have a cause greater than itself.  A creator is pretty much the only answer.  Sorry, naturalists.  Maybe Stephen Hawking can come up with another entertaining “super-duper-string multiverse theory of all that is” so that you can entertain the idea of there being no God.  See, evolutionists believe in an endless string of infinitely impossible chances, whereas ID supporters believe that there need only be one tiny leap of faith in the direction of a creator which makes things fall into place.  He even gave us science to study His universe ’cause He’s rational and since we were created in His image, we are too.  I guess He thought we might enjoy that.


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