Somebody Knows You When You’re Down and Out

I love Eric Clapton. Not just a little. If I had been alive AND in Britain in the 60’s, I would have been one of the people who painted “Clapton is God” all over London. “Slowhand” is, without a doubt, one of the best guitarists to have ever lived and breathed.  I remember his “Unplugged” album (for those of you who may be too young to remember, the “Unplugged” idea was the sole decent contribution MTV ever made to western civilization) and I remember listening to it over and over.  One of my favorite songs from that album was “Nobody Knows You When You’re Down and Out.”  That song has always resonated with me.  It usually feels like nobody knows you or wants to help when you feel like you have hit rock bottom.

Moses had been out of the game for 40 years.  He was a shepherd, married to Zipporah, daughter of Jethro (no relation to the Beverly Hillbilly of the same name).  It’s not like he was a loser or anything, but he definitely was not in a position to be a leader, or spokesman, or, well, anything other than a shepherd.  The people of Israel were all in pretty much the same boat, only worse.  They were slaves in a foreign land.  If ever a group of people were “Down and Out,” it would be the Israelites and their shepherd Prophet.

The cool thing, though, is that they weren’t alone.  God “remembered” His people, and sent Moses to lead them out of Egypt.  A people, crushed, beaten and bruised, led by a man who had been out of commission for 40 years.  God didn’t just “remember” the Israelites, He founded a nation from them, and used Moses to lead them through the nascent stages.

God knows us in our strengths, and in our weaknesses.  He knows us in our success, and He knows us in our losses and failures.  He is the God who sees, the God who hears, and the God who provides.  If ever there is one who knows us in our downs and outs, it is this LORD ALMIGHTY.


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