Christianity in Crisis?

So I have been reading Hank Hanegraaff’s newest book, Christianity in Crisis: 21st Century, and I was reading my One Year Book of Praying through the Bible, and today’s devotional was based on Mark 11:24-25.  Jesus tells His listeners that they can have whatever they want through prayer, but they must be forgiven first.

I started to think on what I had read in Hank’s book, and it’s amazing how much people can twist the Bible to fit what they need it to be.  Hank points out the scripture twisting of guys like Joel Osteen, T.D. Jakes, Joyce Meyer, and others.  They take verses like this one and wrench them out of context to prove that God wants you to be healthy and wealthy.  I think if they really took the Bible as a whole, a different story would emerge.

I believe that Jesus meant exactly what He said.  We will get whatever we pray for from the Father.  However, when our hearts are in line with the desires of the LORD, we won’t pray for the things that those like Joel Osteen try to teach us to pray for.  Instead of breeding a faith in “Americanism,” we should be building our faith in the Word of God, and aligning our wills with His.  When our wills are aligned with God’s, we see that our prayers are more for His glory, and for things that are not cheap pleasures like money or possessions.  If wealth were so important to us, why did Christ implore us to “build our treasure in Heaven?”  Shouldn’t He have also told us to focus on things like health and wealth?

To truly follow Jesus means more than just using God as a magic genie to pump health and wealth into our lives.  God will answer all of our prayers in the affirmative when we pray with a heart that is aligned with His will, not our own.  I am glad that men like Hank are willing to help stand against this kind of ridiculous “Christianity Lite” that tastes great, but has much less filling than a reasonable understanding of the Word of God.  Thank you Hank!!!


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