Barack Obama and abortion

Well, we are in a brand new presidential era, the Barack Obama era.  I have to admit that I find myself at least wanting to like him.  I want to believe in him, and I want to see him succeed.  I see in him a lot of promise as a leader, and so far, he has even been fearless in pummeling the Wall Street Weiners who got us in the financial quandary we are in.  I really want to like him.

In the end, though, I can’t.  I can’t for a couple of reasons.  The biggest reason is my feeling on abortion.  I realize that those who support abortion feel that the pro-life position is uneducated and unenlightened.  I have to ask you a question:  Which is more enlightened, encouraging a young mother who does not want to be pregnant to continue through until the child is born and then give the child a loving adopted home, or stabbing the child in the back of the head with an ice pick, sucking its brains out with a shop-vac, then tossing the tiny, lifeless body in a trash can like an empty bag of Cheetos?  You don’t actually think you can hide behind the whole “women’s rights” thing after that, do you?

Yes, women have rights.  They have rights over their bodies in the concept that no one has a right to hurt their bodies.  However, to argue that abortion should be allowable based on women’s rights is laughable.  A zygote is genetically different from the mother upon conception.  The zygote needs exactly what every other organism needs to grow and develop: food, water, and oxygen.  How then can you really claim that it is just part of woman’s body?

The deal is this:  when you have unprotected sex, you can and probably will eventually have a child.  That’s the way God designed us.  You don’t wanna have a baby?  THEN STOP HAVING UNPROTECTED SEX.  Be responsible.

What does this have to do with Mr. Obama?  Well, Obama has said over and over that he wants to sign the Freedom of Choice Act, that will allow for far less control over abortion than we have now.  There is nothing more barbaric in this culture than the practice of abortion, yet the “Enlightened One” feels that, rather than making a morally responsible choice, he should enable more to devalue life, then attempt to “educate” the masses on the seriousness of abortion, so that they are “safe” and “rare.”  We have casually stood by as more than 40 million innocent souls have been scattered to the wind by abortion and the irresponsibility of those who should be making sane decisions regarding the future of the growing lives inside of them.

Mr. Obama has some very strong traits that have made him someone who is a capable motivator and a charismatic speaker and leader.  However, without proper moral constraint, and without the ability to truly decipher what is morally correct, Mr. Obama is dooming America to sliding down an ever slippery slope of moral decay.  We can no longer continue to sit idly by while children are being brutally murdered in ways that would be censored from most movies.  Unless everyday Americans decide to act, we will only plunge further into this barbaric darkness that the latest in human thought and philosophy promises to lead us.  It is sad when those who are least capable of defending themselves are the least legally defended entities.  Shame on us as a society.  The gas chambers and ovens of Nazi Germany have been surpassed sevenfold by our own moral decay and lack of responsiblity toward sexuality.  That alone should be enough for those like Barack Obama and other Pro-Choice leaders in our country to stop and reconsider their actions and opinions.  I only pray that someday, someone will sound the alarm loud enough for those in power to listen.


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