American Idols

What is it about America that makes it so easy for us to fall into idol worship?  Now, I know that you may think that is hilarious, because America does not have a high concentration of golden calves, or Molech worship, or child sacrifice, all of which are commonly associated with idol worship.  However, to say that idol worship does not occur in America would be folly.

Turn on your television.  Read the newspaper.  We have television shows that are specifically designed in order to create new pop icons for American youth.  We have television shows that are designed to place us in the middle of the lives of washed up celebrities clammering for a grasp of their once potent fame.  America is obsessed with idols.

What is your idol?  Is it yourself?  Do you find yourself placing you above God?  How about success?  Is success your idol?  Search your life.  Idols are anything you place above God and value more than your relationship with Him.  I have had them.  You have had them.  Idols are everywhere, and we have to have the wherewithall to avoid them at all cost.


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