A Deadly Cancer

There is a deadly disease in churches today. It is a disease that is crippling the men of the church, it is bringing the church itself into chaos and disarray, and the church responds by sweeping everything under the rug.  The disease I am talking about is sexual impurity.

I have spoken about this before, but never with this fervent attitude.  We as men have to step up and say “NO MORE!!!”  The divorce rate inside the church is the same as outside the church.  7 out of 10 pastors who call in to Focus on the Family for help call for help with a sexual addiction.

The reason why this is such a devastating and painful attack on the church is nothing other than the church’s refusal to bring it out into the open.  The church as a body does not deal with this disease, and the men inside the church are not willing to take this head on.  Why not?  Do we want to continue to cradle these secret trysts with our fantasies in our hidden box, to be pulled out when we are looking for a “quick fix?”  Is it our pride and desire not to be found and unmasked for what we really are?

I think if we are going to move forward as a church, the body of Christians needs to be ready to make a stand against the constant barrage of attacks of sexual impurity.  When we see that church has become a more dangerous place than even the grocery stores with their smut, it is time to take action!  When we feel that we as men are not actively taking up our sword and shield to fight off this attack from the enemy, rather than sidling up with our hidden pet sins we should instead reexamine ourselves to discover our inner warrior.

“The LORD is a warrior.  The LORD is His Name.”


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  1. The problem is that we Christians place pastors on pedestals and then worship them in that position. After a while many of them start to believe they are special and can do anything they feel like, and we then let them.

    Many pastors are not ‘called’ by God but they are simply learned scholars, having attended cemetery (oops, seminary), and set themselves up as leaders.

    Many congregations are suffering from incompetent non-godly leadership. They should lock their preachers into their offices and tell them not to bother coming out until they have heard from God and supply proof of the occasion. -1 Cor. 2:1-5

    The way I see it, anyway

    1. lol, I couldn’t agree with you more. Thanks for reading my blog. I want to try to create a network of Christians throughout the world in order to team together and take on issues in the church full-force. If there are any issues that you feel are really important or need to be addressed to the community of the church, please let me know

  2. All sin leads to death but the sins of the sexual nature are, in my opinion, the most devistating in the here and now. Nothing is harder to deal with in counseling than infidelity in marriage. Today we live in a society that is over sexed and under educated. Reading and writing are no longer the most important thing in school, and that is just the world, or is it? Lately we have been dealing with the “hook up and hang out” mentality in our youth group. In our church we strongly preach absinence and courting as the correct model to live by. Our pastor is very bold about not only what is right but why. I couldn’t agree with you more that as ministers of God, we have an obligation to teach holiness in every area of out lives. God is a Holy God and his bride will be as a chaste virgin. Only by standing stong on this together will we bring a lasting change in today’s world.
    God Bless, Glenn Smith Jr

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