Ostriches don’t really put their heads in the sand

I like ostriches.  Even if they don’t really stick their heads in the sand, they are pretty cool.  I do have a point to this, by the way.

I was listening to a snippet from Derrick Webb, whom I just heard for the first time today, and I heard him say that the best thing that could happen to Christians is for their sins to play on the five o’clock news.  Interesting concept, but true in so many ways.

We look at the Christian life as basically this:  I need to hide as much of my crap as I can so that I don’t look bad and I can go sing fun worship songs at church without feeling scuzzy.  I don’t have to make changes that hurt, I don’t have to be different, I just need to be able to cover the icky stuff and not have to deal with it.  Then, we don’t have to:

  1. Get rid of our sin.
  2. Be embarrassed of our sin.

If we had all of our dirt aired out for everyone to see it, then I don’t think we COULD continue to hide our junk.  Satan and death have power over us all as long as we continue to pretend like there is nothing there to deal with.  As we are able to come to terms with our problems, bring them out into the open, then give them to the LORD to heal our broken hearts and minds, then we will be able to walk comfortably as servants of the LORD Almighty.

I am in a process of developing pure and blunt honesty with those around me.  I believe a transparent life is the only way in which we can all grow and become our fullest potential in Christ.  I pray for two things:  utter transparency and an infilling of the Holy Spirit.  Those are the two things that everyone needs in their lives in order to effect change.

All of my life, I believed ostriches stuck their heads in the sand when they were afraid.  I finally found out that they didn’t.  Why now would I decide to emulate an ostrich and shove my head into the dirt whenever they don’t even do that?  Guys, Christians, Brothers and Sisters in Christ, let’s stop shoving our heads in the sand.  Stop living the Christian life as though it’s about shoving our heads in the sand and hiding as much junk as we can.  Let’s start living out loud, being transparent, facing our own faults and failures head on, and not looking back when it is time for God to change us.  Let Him who began a good work in you when you were saved finish His work.


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