Unity in the Church

When I say we need unity in the church, I don’t mean that we need to just embrace every latest and greatest fad and fashion in the church.  I am asking for a binding of hearts and minds into one body that takes issues in the church head on.  I am asking that men of the church get in the game and stop waiting for purity to find them.  I am asking for men to start shepherding our families, our children, bring them to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.  I am asking that we stop discussing poverty in the church and fight it.  I am asking that when we sniff out doctrine that is damaging to the church, we pull it out and put it to spiritual death.

Christians, if anyone is reading this, this is a heartfelt plea.  We must pull the church together to fight the darkness that envelopes the earth.  We must stand with the light as our guiding power, not sleep in the light as our comfort and warmth.  We are warriors.  We are the children of the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.



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  1. I can not agree with you more. We fathers need to lead our families in righteousness and not into debauchery. As Christians, we must learn to recognize that we are all supposed to be in the same family. Truth must be taught and righteousness lived. We must properly point out error, with love and truth, and learn form each other. Will we always agree on everything? I doubt it as we are still locked into the battle of slaying our own flesh daily. I do believe it is possible to have unity in the church, from a point of biblical basis. Judging from some of the associations on your blog, it is possible that you and I may even come from differing thought on some things, still I beleive that we are both wanting the same thing, that Jesus be glorified and that God be God only in our lives.
    I will stand with you in your drive to shine the light of truth into a lost world so that they may find their way home to Christ.
    God Bless, Glenn Smith Jr

    1. It’s great to hear that there are people who are interested in standing for truth. I would love to team up with other Christians in any way that I can. Any suggestions on how to get more people involved in this push for truth in the church would be greatly appreciated.

  2. I am convinced that as we find the common ground to start from, we can then work from that point to bring people into the fold. I am not talking so much along denominational lines but more along points of doctrinal agreement ( salvation, baptism, forgiveness, holiness…). We all won’t agree all of the time on every point but if we learn where to start, we can make great inroads to showing Jesus to those who desparately need him.
    I will continue to look in on your blog and I would be honored if you did the same. I will also continue to pray for your ministry work to be greatly successful towards winning the lost and helping them grow a disciples of Jesus. With God’s help maybe we can send out some real doers of the Word.
    God Bless, Glenn

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