A Six-O’Clock News Tragedy

This is a very difficult post to read.  If you do read, please keep in mind that I am only trying to place the reader in the frame of mind to understand the severity of the subject matter.  It is very graphic in nature, and was written to help people really understand the depth of how awful this practice is.

Today in suburban Charlotte, a seven-month old child was dragged from inside her home, stabbed in the back of the head, and when the killer finally was satisfied with their grisly handiwork, unceremoniously tossed the tiny, lifeless body in the trash can.

That didn’t get mentioned on today’s news.  It won’t get mentioned on today’s news in any city in America.  Sadly enough, the lack of news coverage does not mean that it did not happen.  This tragic event has happened 40 million times in America alone in the past 36 years.  It is performed by doctors and physicians who have taken oaths to “Do no one harm.”  This procedure, if you have yet to figure it out, is abortion.

While the abortion argument is that the fetus is not a human being, the very fact that the fetus has its own genetic makeup entirely different from either parent and in reality has the same basic needs as any human being- namely sustenance, shelter, and nurturing should expose that argument for the egregious lie that it is.  The only difference between the six month old fetus and the three day old newborn, aside from developmental differences, is the fact that the fetus draws all sustenance and oxygen from its umbilical cord.  However, the three day old newborn is just as helpless, so to create an imaginary line of demarcation between the previously nonhuman fetus and the human newborn is merely semantics to protect one’s right to not be accountable for one’s poor decisions.

Only in a truly barbaric society that has long since lost any last vestiges of morality could the decision to abort a baby be a “decision of choice.”  Anyone with any cognizance of the horrors of abortion could not, would not, should not, be okay with the concept of the brutal murder of an innocent life.  If the citizenry of America were fully familiar with the procedures that are undertaken in an abortion, there probably would be far fewer people who were in support of it.

I have an idea.  Maybe we should call the two sides “Pro-Life” and “Pro-Using a Saline solution inserted into the amniotic sac to burn the flesh right off of a fetus so that it is forcibly expelled in a bloody heap.”  If that does not work, maybe we should go with “Pro-Stabbing a fetus in the back of the head with scissors, sucking their brains out with a shop vac and tossing the lifeless carcass in a garbage can like an old sandwich.”

I don’t think that anyone who really thinks the process of abortion through from beginning to horrid conclusion could rationally support abortion.  How could it possibly be right to take a human child, with all inherent hopes and dreams possible in a young life, and dash them to the ground because of our own selfishness and conceit.  Shame on Americans who feel that this is an argument of semantics and choice and not the sanctity of life and the benefits of a civilized community.  This is not about freedom of a choice.  This is about whether or not Americans are barbaric, sickening creatures who are unable to look beyond their own selfishness and own desires for lack of accountability.

The Christian Right has a responsiblity to enforce the horrors of abortion, if for no other reason than to make sure that those who claim support for abortion solely out of lack of information are informed.


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