Is Satan Real?

It always amuses me that the existence of Satan has gone from being a foregone conclusion to an intellectual conversation that typically leans toward the liberalist idea of life without an adversary.  It seems in our age of enlightenment that we no longer fall for the barbaristic, backward idea of a cosmic adversary that is bent on our destruction and defying the LORD most High.

I am quite amazed by the fact that according to a recent survey, over half of evangelical Christians do not believe that Satan exists.  I would think that considering our Lord spoke more on Hell and Satan than any other topic, it would be a forgone conclusion that this should be a concern of ours.  However, for the most part, we brush the possibility of a cosmic adversary under the rug, as if to pretend that it is not an issue.

I think I may have an idea why we like to go in that direction.  I think that by acknowledging the possibility of Hell and Satan, we have to acknowledge that there is a standard of good and evil.  If we acknowledge this, then we are now left with the realization that there will be some who will be judged to be less than the standard for good.  When followed to its logical conclusion, this route takes us to a place where we have absolute standards, accountability, and the potential for judgment.  People try to avoid this both for the sakes of those who are not Christians as well as ourselves.  If all are saved, then there is no need to offend nonchristians, and there is no need for us to fear either.

Christians need to realize that Satan is a real force and can bring our souls down with him.  If we acknowledge that reality, we are one step closer to ultimately winning the war against our adversary.


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  1. I totally agree. Satan has accomplished one of his goals then hasn’t he. He has fooled the world today. But it won’t be for long. Thank you Lord! I pray everyday that my mind, body and soul would come into alignment with the Holy Spirit and I put on the armour of God physically with my hands and my mouth so I will be protected from the enemy. Sometimes I go through days of not doing this and I can feel myself being pulled in the wrong direction.

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