How Many Names are there in the Bible for Satan?

Satan Tormenting Job
Satan Tormenting Job

The name Satan is itself one of the titles given to Satan, as it means “accuser.”  Some of the other labels given to Satan include “the Adversary,”the Dragon,” “the Enemy,”the Evil One,” “the Father of Lies,” “the god of this world,” and “the prince of the power of the air.”  While there are certainly other references in the Bible that have been used to refer to Satan, these eight are the only certain references that were directly to Satan.  Many other ones, such as references in Ezekiel and Isaiah, can be just as easily (and probably more correctly) ascribed to figures in history, such as the king of Tyre and the king of Babylon.

One thing I would encourage people to do in their reading of the Bible is to make sure that they are reading it in context and reading what they are supposed to out of the passage they are studying.  For example, Isaiah 14:12 is often said to refer to Satan. It should be clearly inferred, however, from the text that Isaiah is NOT speaking about Satan, but rather, the king of Babylon.  Many other passages should be studied the same way to produce an actual knowledge of scripture.


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