New Blog Post Series

After an exceptionally long break from writing, my wife and I have been talking extensively about several things that have been weighing heavily on us for some time now.  We both feel that there are lies and misconceptions that are slowly but surely unraveling the church from within.  These lies have been perpetuated and expanded to the point where the American church is rapidly moving in a direction that will lead to its downfall.

Over the next period of time (not really sure how long) I want to spend time talking about some of these lies.  Some of the lies I want to talk about are the following:

  • Tolerance is Acceptance.
  • God blesses those who follow Him with a great life and riches.
  • The American Dream is the official goal of every citizen of North America.
  • Hollywood Values are the values we should chase after.
  • Truth is relative.

These are a few of the lies that we are living with in the church.  I want to really examine these in full detail, and use God’s scriptures to answer these and many other lies.  If you are reading through this blog, I would love to get feedback from any reader and for you to tell me some of the lies that you feel we as Americans have been fed and continue to believe.


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