NJ Pastor to staff: “No More Facebook.”

A New Jersey pastor tells his church leadership that they are to either delete their facebook account or resign their posts.  You can read the full story here.

Facebook: What are the dangers of this social media site?

Everyone in my family has a facebook account with the exception of our youngest child.  Facebook has become an ubiquitous part of our society, with over 500 million users worldwide.  So, one might ask, is this pastor being controlling, or is he making decisions on the side of caution?

Anonymity and lack of accountability can breed trouble in any setting.  With facebook, you have the ability to arrange an online rendezvous with old friends, old lovers, and people who may create tension between you and your spouse.  Speaking from experience, I can attest to the fact that while it may be fun to harmlessly connect with old friends, it can be a dangerous problem in the home to reconnect with old FLAMES.

A good rule to follow for those of us who are using facebook is this:  Transparency.  Your wife should know your password.  You should know hers.  Both of you should stay very aware of what people are being added on facebook, what is happening, and any potential danger spots that need to be avoided.  I have a policy myself that I only add male friends, unless either A) They are relatives, or B) My wife explicitly says to add them.  My wife follows the same policy (only female friends unless I know about them).  Also, know what your children are doing as well.  Friend them.  Pop up on their site from time to time.  Interact.  And don’t allow them to add a friend unless you know them or approve.

Facebook, like any other technology, is a neutral.  It is what we do with these technologies that can make them dangerous, for our hearts are sinful, and we must continously evaluate our behaviors to make sure we are acting in a way that is pleasing to the LORD.


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