Atheist ads take on the Bible

Atheists attack the Bible in a series of ads.I just read an interesting article at the Christian Post, which you can also read here.

In my opinion, this is yet another “straw man” attach by atheists/humanists.  The way it works is this:  take the worst stereotype (hate-spewing, venom-laden “Christians”), ascribe to ALL Christians the same thought lines, then attack them with your exceedingly wise and tolerant position.

The problem is this:  the arguments don’t hold up against genuine Christianity.  Christians don’t hate homosexuals.  We may not agree with homosexual behavior (just like we don’t agree with a lot of sinful behaviors, such as heterosexual sex outside of marriage), but we don’t condemn that person.  And yes, the Bible does mention all of these atrocities.  However, it does not support them, but merely reports on them.  At no point is slavery commanded, and war is only commanded against peoples who were greatly defying God and spitting in His face, essentially.

It would be nice if people thoughtfully considered the two sides and spoke/acted in a way that indicated that level of honesty and earnestness in the discussion.


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