Anti-Bullying bill in NJ: What do you think?

I just finished reading an interesting article on the new anti-bullying laws being pushed through New Jersey.  You can read for yourself HERE.

I think, first of all, that it is truly sad that we need laws to make sure we don’t bully people.  That saddens me in and of itself.  However, while we OBVIOUSLY need someone to explain to us that we can’t be mean to other people because they are different, I do object to various things in the bill.

First, I don’t agree with the “Week of Respect.” This entire premise rests on creating an identity out of a behavior, which is not possible.  Sexual orientation is a behavior, not an identity.  I am not heterosexual because I have a “heterosexual gene,” I am heterosexual because I am attracted to my wife.  To indoctrinate children, as potentially young is kindergarten, to the “reality” of homosexuality in the name of acceptance is, in my opinion, placing children in grave danger of growing up too fast with no concern other than your own agenda.  No child needs to be exposed to sexual materials, be they educational or otherwise.  Part of the problem with children and sexuality today is that we are exposing them to sexual materials and stresses far too early.

Also, I disagree with the idea of teachers being disqualified from their trade by “bias discrimination.”  Again, we are treating behavior as identity.  A teacher should not be disqualified from being a teacher because of his or her belief that homosexual/bisexual behavior is against the will of God, provided that he or she does not act on their beliefs in a way that is discriminatory to the child.

Again, we need a better understanding of the word tolerance, which does not mean that all views are equal, but that all view HOLDERS are.


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