Young Believers leaving Christianity: What to do?

I read this article from Christianity Today that is pretty sobering. I want go into the gory details, but it essentially addresses the problems of young people leaving the church.

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Is there an answer to the question of why young Christians are leaving the faith?

It is difficult to address every reason for young people leaving the faith.  I can be perfectly honest and say that my own personal struggles with faith were born out of moral dissonance, with me desiring to be and do things that were out of alignment with God’s ideals and prefects.  For me, the walk away from faith was precipitated by my desire to follow after worldly desires rather than God. I also, however, realize that not everyone can say the same thing.  Many people walk away from faith due to pains inflicted by the church itself, or from other members of the church.  Still others see their faith wilt when they are unable to get answers for the questions that plague them.

What can we do with this?  How do we make an impact.  First, we follow the Philippians 2 plan for being like Christ, and asking to have the same heart that helps us to both deny desires that would pull us astray, as well as treat everyone around us in a manner that would be pleasing to God.  Also, we should be prepared “to give an answer for the hope that lies within us,” (1 Peter 3:15). There is nothing sadder than a Christian who has no idea what they believe, why they believe, or how they live out that belief.  If we have the grand hope of eternity with God, why would we not have an answer for why we believe?  This type of preparation of our own hearts can be the difference in another young person staying in or leaving from the faith.


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  2. Many young people today are leaving their church or Christianity because they weren’t taught properly when they were younger. They went through the routine or the motion because everyone else was. As we get older many of us become more analytical wanting to know something about everything. When it comes to God we will never have all the answers or not when we want to have them. We all need to realize that we are on Gods time not ours and, unfortunately we live in a want it now society. Today we are privileged to communicate with all kinds of electronic devises which help in so many ways but, these same devises that can help us are also making us lazy. Due diligence, persistence, and discipline is needed when we really want to learn something and, getting to know God isn’t any different. Our churches today need to go back to the basics and stop concentrating on filling seats. When those that want to learn come forward educated God following members or assigned support groups of the church need to be available to provide answers and a leaning shoulder. But, no matter what’s done a person needs to see God for who He really is. Truly seeking God brings on a thirst that cannot be quenched. If a person young or old doesn’t know how to find that thirst and truly understand that we’re being prepared for something so much greater then the lives we have today they will continue to leave. We all most do our part in changing this serious issue and while much prayer is needed for God to give us direction more action and less procrastination is needed as well.

  3. Agreed. We have spent more time filling pews and less time filling hearts and minds. Unfortunately, the dog and pony show that is the “Seeker Sensitive Movement” has done a markedly poor job in teaching doctrine. We need to figure out how to be grace and truth filled, rather than gravitating to one or the other.

  4. I as a young Christian list my faith partly due to lack of teaching,structure,and hippocracy that dwell widely within the Baptist church today.

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