On local living, green policies, and taking care of Eaarth

I just recently read a review of Bill McKibben’s Eaarth.  The review is available at Christianity Today, and is quite a good read.

Eaarth, by Bill McKibben
Eaarth: Salvaging what we can from Mother Nature

I must confess, I look at local living, green politics, and the like with a grain of salt.  I am entirely agreeable to the idea that we, as Christians, need to be ecologically responsible stewards of the planet God has given us.  I am entirely open to alternative forms of energy, both as a means of ecological self-sustenance as well as from a foreign policy standpoint.  I agree entirely that we have been irresponsible with our environment.

Where I have problems with the eco-Movement in Christianity is this:  Are we valuing the creation over the Creator?  When we are defending the planet from the oil execs and the uncivilized brutes who continue to pump hydrocarbon exhaust into our atmosphere, are we doing so because of a mandate from God, or political correctness, or an actual worship of the creation?  I say this because there are plenty of Christian spokesmen like Reverend Oliver “Buzz” Thomas who suggests that, among other things, evangelicals are overpopulating the earth.


Umm, forgive me, Rev, but didn’t the Bible say “be fruitful and multiply?”  Doesn’t the book of Proverbs describe having many children as a blessing, a “quiver full of arrows?” Also, from a factual standpoint, we could cram all of the current population of earth into a space the size of Texas, and the population would be no more dense than the city of Tokyo.  Clearly, the overpopulation monster is not so scary.  So, you have here a situation where we must decide the proper answer to the question.  I believe it’s this:  live responsibly, be a good steward, have children who will also live accordingly, so that you and your descendants will be blessings to the earth.  I feel like Bill McKibben would say much the same thing, and look forward to reading his new book, Eaarth.


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