Pakistani Government Barred from Pardoning “Blasphemer”

I just read this at the Christian Post, that Asia Bibi, the Christian who was being sentenced to death under Pakistan’s blasphemy laws, is now once again subject to the death penalty after Pakistan’s government granted her an appeal.

Flag of Pakistan
Pakistan's Blasphemy Laws: A shade of things to come?

When I look at this, I am actually shaken that this type of injustice can actually happen.  Bibi, a mother of five, a sister in Christ, is being placed on death row on false charges, and while her family suffers without her, we are to be lead to believe by Muslims that “Islam is peaceful?”  If this is the case, I would love to see all of the wonderful, moderate Muslims that believe we can all live together explain how a woman whose only real crime was being insulted by being treated like a nonhuman entity should be executed in this manner.

The thing that should be scaring western civilization all the more is that, slowly, but surely, Islam is slowly but surely invading our countries through Sharia law.  Already, Anti-Blasphemy laws have been placed before the UN by the Organization of the Islamic Conference. 

I am not trying to fear-monger or stir up hatred against Muslims, but it must be acknowledged that Islam is NOT a religion of peace, and it is not a religion of compromise.  We all need to be aware of the dangers of this religion, and while we should be loving to those who are members of this religion, we must become aware of its infiltration and how to stop it before we are powerless to do so.


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