Abortion Gift Certificates? Seriously?

Okay, good thing Thanksgiving is over, or else this would have been enough to cause me to throw up.

Planned Parenthood
Planned Parenthood- Stooping to new lows?

I couldn’t believe what I had read in this story from the Christian Post.  To think that Planned Parenthood would actually use the Christmas season and equate the blessings of Christ with the pain and suffering brought by their organization, not just against the children who lose their lives, but against the poor would-be parents who are herded through the doors of these abortion clinics like prized cash cows is simply unacceptable.  My heart goes out to those who have had an abortion, as too often groups like Planned Parenthood are milking them for money and are only too happy to offer an abortion as an answer for an unplanned pregnancy.

Why, if “Planned Parenthood” is really all about helping families, why would they not work on eliminating abortion from their platter of services offered and instead, focus on helping to save these children, or perhaps better educate others as to the possibilities of becoming pregnant (it is not as if pregnancy has some mysterious, heretofore unknown cause.).  The answer is simple:  for “Planned Parenthood,” your ignorance/lack of concern/lapse in judgment is their monetary gain.  Sad, though, that they would use the Christmas/Hanukkah season to do so.


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