No Rules, Just Right?

Just read about Steven Furtick’s newest series at Elevation Church, entitled “One Generation Away.”  You can read the summary yourself HERE.

Elevation Church
Steven Furtick: Calling, not Rules?

I don’t intend to make this a “bash Steve Furtick” post, but I do feel that it is important to look at his message in light of scripture and in light of current trends. Consider that we live in an age where over 50% of evangelical Christians believe that Satan and hell are fictional.  Seriously?  Yes.  Seriously.

The scary thing is that if this is the case, over 50% of Christians therefore believe that the Bible is not inherently inerrant.  If the Bible is not inerrant, how does one ground one’s faith?  It is precisely our belief in the truth of scripture that drives us forward in our faith.  I was also one of those who was totally departed from faith, until I was brought back into it by my wife, and grounded there by some well-reasoned apologists.  I am not saying apologetics is the answer, but in the paraphrased words of Chuck Colson, “We do the deeds because of the creeds.”

I am not advocating the church of the frozen chosen.  I, in fact, agree with Furtick in that we need to inspire our children to be great men and women of God.  I just don’t necessarily agree with the approach that is taken in many megachurches, especially when the vast majority of slack-jawed Christians with no idea what they believe and lifestyles to go along with that lack of knowledge have some megachurch bumper sticker slapped across the backside of their car.

If we want to inspire our kids, and want them to stay in the faith, then teach them what that faith is all about.  Nothing is harder to stand up for than the unknown, and unfortunately, our faith is often the unknown.  Let’s fix that.


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