Mark Driscoll- Reason #37c why this guy gets it right.

Just read a great article from the Christian Post dealing with Mark Driscoll and the church planting community.

Mark Driscoll
Mark Driscoll says don't sacrifice your family for ministry.

I think Driscoll’s warning could be just as easily directed to laity as well as pastors.  Too often we throw ourselves into a ministry, and while we outwardly offer praise and thanks to God, we inwardly covet and desire the ego-stroking that goes along with being a visible face in ministry.  Many times, the ones who suffer most are those closest to us.  In our “service” to God, we most often neglect that most important of ministries: our families.

If you look at your family, and see needs, maybe you should answer that ministry call first.  When the kids need your time, your energy, your work, and you feel you need to be there for your small group, or your church, or the worship team, answer this question: “Did God not give you your family to be a steward of?”  If the answer is yes, you need to put that ministry first.  Raising godly sons and daughters, and having a godly, loving marriage with your wife is more important and infinitely closer to God’s desire for you than for you to shine with your small groups and worship teams.  Think of it this way:  If YOU are godly, you are capable of making the impact of one godly person.  If you raise 4 godly kids (my goal, unless me and my wife lose all rationale and have a fifth), then you have made the impact of FOUR godly people.  Crazy, isn’t it?


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