What is the Mimshach Annointing? Should We Desire It?

Ezekiel: If it was weird or crazy and a prophet did it, it was probably this guy.

First of all, let us discuss what the “mimshach” annointing is.  Proponents of the word harken back to Ezekiel 28:14 and say that it was the same blessing bestowed upon Lucifer.  However, Lucifer (Satan) has corrupted it.  We, as Christians, are also able to access that same blessing and use it for our own increase and expansion.

There are a couple of problems with this.  First, it relies on the misinterpretation of Ezekiel 28 as being directed at Satan.  It was, in fact, directed to Tyre and Sidon, and a cursory glance at the text will prove that it could not possibly refer to Satan, as it refers to this entity as being destroyed.  Well, Satan has not been destroyed yet, so it could not even begin to reference him.  The closest reference is to look at the passage and realize that, like Satan, Tyre and Sidon fell because of their pride and licentiousness.

As for the “mimshach” annointing, I would steer clear for a couple of reasons.  First, it relies on gross misinterpretation of the scripture.  Secondly, it requires us to essentially be chasing after many of the same things that the cities who originally were corrupted and fell were chasing for, namely expansion, increase, and gain.  As Christians, we must be ever mindful that, rather than chase after an annointing, we have a gift already that is more precious than any “annointing,” and that is the original baptism of the Holy Spirit that we have already received.  In walking in the Spirit, there is more connection and power than we could ever have in a misinterpreted scripture.


3 thoughts on “What is the Mimshach Annointing? Should We Desire It?

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  1. Thank you for this insightful, careful analysis and explanation of the scripture and the deep, thoughtful revelation embeded therein. You are a spirited teacher of the holy scriptures. YOU are a SCRIPTURE WITHOUT WORDS!

  2. What we need to concentrate upon is that Jesus is the source of our anointing…Jesus Christ the anointed and His anointing. Praise God!

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