What’s your word for God?

Hand of God
What's YOUR word for God?

My word for God is:  UNSTOPPABLE.  I just finished listening to the book of Genesis, and the one thing that continued to strike me was this:  in spite of human sin and frailty, God’s plan moved forward without a hitch.  In fact, many times God USED human flaws to further his plan.  Consider Jacob and Esau.  God used Esau’s lack of reverence and Jacob’s lack of scruples to have His will be fulfilled.  He used Jacob’s sons’ enmity and hatred of Joseph to preserve the entire family!  The prophecy made in Genesis 3:15 will be fulfilled, no matter what!

How do you feel about that?  Do you prefer the prozac God that many churches worship, where they sing pretty songs and portray God as your buddy, where a sweet little long-haired caucasian Jesus scoops little lambs and babies into His arms?  Or do you want the unstoppable one, the one that Moses described as a warrior, who will not be denied His ultimate will?  One makes me feel like the King of Kings has been dethroned, the Lion of Judah with His claws clipped to make Him manageable for little grannies to keep on their laps.  The other makes me feel like I am protected.  Not safe in the manner we think of safe, but protected and loved.


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