Harold Camping, the Apocalypse, and Stupid Christian Tricks

Harold Camping: 0-2

So, I guess I should first explain my absence for four months.  I’m really busy.  NO, REALLY busy.  I’ve taken on enough programming gigs that I should not be having free time until 2012, the next scheduled date of apocalyptic mayhem.

All joking aside, I have been left at quite a bit of a standstill as to my thinking on how Christians should respond to this whole brou-ha-ha.  There are several different ways to look at this mess.  Many skeptics will look at Harold Camping and say “See, all Christians are goofballs waiting for the apocalypse.”  Christians will respond and say “Well, we don’t believe like Harold Camping.  He’s not really one of us.”  Where is the correct response for Christians?

I think the thing being lost on most Christians is that Harold Camping already had tons of aberrant theology behind him.  Among his most ridiculous claims were:

  • Satan now controls the church.
  • God no longer operates on earth.
  • True salvation can only be found by leaving your church and listening to Mr. Camping on Family Radio.

Call me crazy, but I think that should be enough to scare everyone off of Harold Camping.  If not, You have my sympathy.  In addition, Camping trampled all over scripture, most notably Matthew 24 where Jesus says that “no man knows the day or hour” of His return.  The original Greek in that passage can best be translated as “no man knows the day or hour.” Couple all of this with the fact that Harold Camping has NO theological education, and I would probably say at that point that he’s a goofball.  So, my response, and I think a fairly correct response, is something like this:

“Harold Camping, though he may have a good heart and want God’s will, whatever he may interpret that to be, is nonetheless misguided in his interpretation of scripture, misguided in his discernement of God’s will, and would rightly be considered a false prophet by way of Deuteronomy 18.  Harold Camping is not indicative of orthodox Christianity, and it is sad that his sensationalism wins the media day over those Christians who do speak from a perspective of having rightly divided and discerned the word of the Lord in reference to the timing of eschatological events.”


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