True confessions of a sort

I have to make a confession:  I haven’t been going to church regularly lately.  Truth be known, I’m having a real struggle with the Christian church in America.  I would just leave where I’m at, but I think it is a universal problem in the church here in the states.

I don’t know about you, but I have an issue with the kingdom of God being usurped by the kingdom of man and being used and abused as a person platform for unabashed ego strokes.  My heart gets sick when I can no longer worship my God with an open and soft heart because it’s being hardened by the knuckleheads on stage (when does a church need a stage?) who act like they are trying to be cast on American Idol or were the rejects off of School of Rock.  I’m tired of smoke machines and pretty lights, and I’m sick of love songs to Jesus, the bestest prom date ever. I’m tired of walking into churches and when asked to differentiate between it and Amos’s South End here in Charlotte, being able to only respond with “there’s no beer. And the music is not as cool.” I’m tired of the Rob Bells of the world who place being an orthodox Christian a distant second to being cool and well-spoken of.  I’m tired of pastors whose egos are only eclipsed by the size of their megachurch buildings.  I’m sick of a Christianity that looks so much like the secular world, that if I were a skeptic I would find no attraction to it.  I spend most of my day feeling like Charlie Brown on “A Charlie Brown Christmas” screaming “Does anyone know the true meaning of Christianity???”

I realize my words are pretty scathing, and that’s good.  They should be.  I’m kind of disgusted by Christendom right now.  I’m not saying I doubt Christianity to be true, quite the opposite.  However, I find church to be leaving me fairly wanting spiritually at this point.  It may help to understand my point better by breaking a few things down one by one.

I have had what I feel to be a burden from God placed on my heart.  There are several areas of life that I don’t feel that our current way of “doing church” is cutting it as a genuine expression of Christianity.  I feel that God is calling His church to be less than what it is, and in doing so, becoming MORE than it is.  I hope that, as I use my blog to flesh out the ideas that I think God is giving me, that everyone who reads this (all three or four people) will also provide feedback if they are so led by God.


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  1. (just came across this blog post tring to find the meaning behind elevations bumper sticker symbol)

    It is sad that some churches today have become a ‘six flags over Jesus’ as Paul Washer says. People need to study church history more often. Myself included.

  2. Deu 6:5 “You shall love the LORD your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your might.
    The churches are a problem but as ads in society they do serve a purpose regardless of the way they leave the ones that want to go deeper with a feeling of disgust. But God is alive and well not only in some of these Churches but more importantly in the lives of people who have not lost their relationship with the Lord. You are not bold,wrong nor do you hold up the faith. Do you really think that we hold anything up? We are really like John the Baptist the voice of one crying in the wilderness. Jesus was our example and He said I need to about my Fathers work I’m sure He had a time finding the synagogues in His day teaching a true word and so railed against the heads calling them white washed tombs. We long for the goodness and power of the Lord and we have it in the same way Jesus had it. In the form of the Holy Spirit. If you listen to that still small voice then you will hear and know the things that God has for you and the others that you are supposed to touch. He leads them to you all the time but you are not walking fully in your gifts so you dont know the reach you could truly Have . The Bible say delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart. As the Apostles who trained people to walk with the Lord who is the one that does this today? Who has the Spirit of God and hears and trains those how to listen and follow their Masters voice? Do you truly hear and obey and can you say that you are a guide to the blind? This is the call of every believer to be bold for God and not to shrink away. We are the branch supported by the root bearing fruit. If the fruit is not as plentiful then maybe a day like the women with the issue of blood where she became so focused that she wouldn’t let Jesus go before she got her blessing is in order. God supports us to bear His fruit but it takes the connection with the vine. Jesus received power and had the power to achieve His purpose that is our example and we need the power to achieve what we have been instructed to do,and we have all the power we need in the person of the Holy Spirit. It is perspective and desire to go forward with the Lord to the point of surrender of all of our earthly desires. Not the so much the sins the church talks about but more our own preconceived notions of who we are and want to be. God made us He has the plan and purpose we need to connect and follow that in order to have a good life. There is so much more, blessings to you.

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