What’s so Amazing about Grace? Part 1

We have been studying Romans at Church of Monroe for several weeks now, and we have kind of taken a mental beatdown for the past few Sundays.  See, Paul’s been really busy building an airtight case against all of humanity so that there is no wiggle room.  Like a seasoned attorney, Paul is systematically removing every possible objection that people can have to God’s justice in condemning each and every one of us to an eternity of separation from Him and His love.  We now are at a point where, if anyone is really paying attention to Paul here, we don’t stand a chance with God.  None of us are righteous.  None of us are good.  In fact, all of us stand rightfully convicted.  As it is, unless God has something really shocking up His sleeve, we are all spending an eternity separated from Him.

As it turns out, He DOES have a trick up His sleeve!  It’s called grace.  In non-theological speak, grace is basically something good that we totally don’t deserve.  Specifically, in this particular passage, God’s grace is unmerited forgiveness and accreditation of righteousness.  We call that justification.  So, God justifies us and considers us righteous, declaring us just before Him.  But, as we go through this passage, we are going to learn three things about grace that make it truly amazing.  I’m going to go ahead and list them, and then we can talk about them throughout the week.




I’m hoping by the time this blog post series is over, you will see exactly what is so amazing about grace.


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